+ + UNS C95400 Bronze Alloy, UNS C95400 Copper alloy CDA 954 Copper alloy
UNS C95400 Bronze CDA 954 Copper alloy

Conex casts various Aluminium Bronze alloys in foundry including CDA 954 Copper alloy  UNS C95400 C 954 Copper alloy. We also cast Ab1 and Ab2 Bronze alloys. We undertake sand casting, die casting, shell molding, centrifugal casting, lost wax casting etc in our Bronze foundry in jamnagar india.   UNS C95400 Bronze, also known as SAE 68C is the most common alloy of the aluminum casted bronzes. Used in many heave-duty applications, is recommended for high loads, high wear applications that require tensile strength good ductility, weldability, and exceptional resistance to deformation in case of overloads. It has good anti-friction characteristics, resistance to corrosion for seawater, low oxidation rates at high temperature and lower reactivity with combustion byproducts.


Tensile strength of 5,900 kg/cm2 and Brinell hardness of 150 - 195.


UNS C95400 Bronze CDA 954 Copper alloy  | SAE 68 C 

  • Bearing brushes
  • Bronze pipe clamps
  • Bronze direct burial grounding pipe clamps
  • Bronze direct burial ground rod clamps
  • Bronze transformer tank connectors
  • Bronze hotline clamps
  • Bronze and Copper lay in Lugs Copper lugs
  • Undercarriage parts
  • Motor pieces
  • Undersea structures
  • Ships propellers
  • Bronze U bolt clamps Guv rod clamps
  • Bronze bonds and Copper bond for electrical connections
  • General undersea constructions and duties
  • Water supply industries
  • Petroleum and petrochemical

UNS C95400 Bronze | SAE 68 C  composition


Materials   Percentage
83 % min.
10 - 11.5
3 - 5
0 - 0.50
0 - 1.5