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Bronze Tee Fittings Bronze Tees

Conex Bronze offers a wide range of cast Bronze Tees threaded Teesfrom various grades of Bronzes i.e. Leaded Bronze Aluminium Bronze etc.

Sizes : 1/4 , 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" , 1", 11/4", 11/2", 2:
Threads : BSPT NPT, NPSM, BSP, 


Bronze and Copper alloy that we can use for casting reducing Bronze elbows and male female 90 degree elbows:-

US Speccifications UNS   SAE US   Alloy German   Alloy  Alloy Description
C83600 LG2 40 CuSn5ZnPb Cu85 Sn5 Zn5 Pb5  Leaded Gunmetal              
C84400 LG1 - CuSn2ZnPb Cu83 Sn3 Zn8 Pb6    Leaded Gunmetal
C86300 - 430B - Cu63 Al6 Fe3 Mn3 Zn25
C90300 - 620 - Cu88 Sn8 Zn4 Tin Bronze
C90500 G1 62 CuSn10Zn Cu88 Sn10 Zn2 Tin Bronze
C90700 PB1 65 CuSn12 Cu89 Sn11Tin Bronze
C92200 LG3 622 - Cu88 Sn6 Zn4 Pb2 Leaded Tin Bronze
C92500 CT2 640 CuSn12Ni Cu87 Sn11 Ni2 Leaded Tin Bronze
C92700 LB3 63 CuSn12Pb Cu87 Sn11 Pb2 Leaded Tin Bronze
C93200 - 660 CuSn7ZnPb Cu83 Sn7 Zn3 Pb7 Leaded Tin Bronze
C93500 LB4 66 - Cu85 Pb10 Sn5 High Leaded Tin Bronze
C93700 LB2 64 CuPb10Sn Cu80 Pb10 Sn10 High Leaded Tin Bronze
C93800 LB1 67 CuPb155n Cu78 Pb15 Sn7 High Leaded Tin Bronze
C95400 - - CuAl10Fe Cu87 Al10 Fe3 Aluminum Bronze
C95500 - - CuAl10Ni Cu81 Al10 Ni5 Fe4 Ni Aluminum Bronze
C95800 AB2 - CuAl10Ni Cu80 Al10 Ni6 Fe4 Ni Aluminum Bronze
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