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Bronze Guv Clamps- U Bolt Clamps



It is used to connect Copper Coated Steel Grounding Connector to Ground Pipe or Rebar.

The body is cast from C844/C955/C956 Copper Alloy and the U bolt is made from Stainless Steel or Copper.

The body is made up of two parts and the clamp can be used for Direct Burial.


Code U BOLT CLAMP GUV CLAMPS Rod to cable clamps  Trade Size CopperConductor Size Ground rod Earth Rod Diameter
BronzGUv1 U bolt  clamps Rod to Cable Clamp GUV 16 mm 16 - 95 mm² 5/8 "
BronzeGUv2 U bolt clamps Rod to Cable Clamp GUV 20 mm 16 - 70 mm² 3/4 "


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