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Bronze Reducing Elbows Threaded elbows
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Bronze Reducing Elbows Threaded Elbows


Bronze Reducing Elbows Threaded elbows Gunmetal pipe elbows 90 Degree Elbows


Conex Bronze Fittings offer a wide range of Bronze reducing female x male elbows in BSP (G) , BSPT, NPT threads using sand casting, die casting and shell moulding in our own foundry. We have CNC machining facility for threading and other secondary operations of the Bronze reducing elbows 90 degree elbows  Bronze Threaded elbows and pipe fittings. We can also offer Gunmetal Lg2 Lg1 material for these Bronze elbows.


The sizes we can offer for Brass male female elbows are as follows-


1/2"  3/8"
3/4" 1/2"
1/2" 1/2"
3/4" 3/4"
1" 3/4"
1" 1"
11/4" 1"


Bronze and Copper alloy that we can use for casting reducing Bronze elbows and male female 90 degree elbows:-

US Speccifications UNS   SAE US   Alloy German   Alloy  Alloy Description
C83600 LG2 40 CuSn5ZnPb Cu85 Sn5 Zn5 Pb5  Leaded Gunmetal              
C84400 LG1 - CuSn2ZnPb Cu83 Sn3 Zn8 Pb6    Leaded Gunmetal
C86300 - 430B - Cu63 Al6 Fe3 Mn3 Zn25
C90300 - 620 - Cu88 Sn8 Zn4 Tin Bronze
C90500 G1 62 CuSn10Zn Cu88 Sn10 Zn2 Tin Bronze
C90700 PB1 65 CuSn12 Cu89 Sn11Tin Bronze
C92200 LG3 622 - Cu88 Sn6 Zn4 Pb2 Leaded Tin Bronze
C92500 CT2 640 CuSn12Ni Cu87 Sn11 Ni2 Leaded Tin Bronze
C92700 LB3 63 CuSn12Pb Cu87 Sn11 Pb2 Leaded Tin Bronze
C93200 - 660 CuSn7ZnPb Cu83 Sn7 Zn3 Pb7 Leaded Tin Bronze
C93500 LB4 66 - Cu85 Pb10 Sn5 High Leaded Tin Bronze
C93700 LB2 64 CuPb10Sn Cu80 Pb10 Sn10 High Leaded Tin Bronze
C93800 LB1 67 CuPb155n Cu78 Pb15 Sn7 High Leaded Tin Bronze
C95400 - - CuAl10Fe Cu87 Al10 Fe3 Aluminum Bronze
C95500 - - CuAl10Ni Cu81 Al10 Ni5 Fe4 Ni Aluminum Bronze
C95800 AB2 - CuAl10Ni Cu80 Al10 Ni6 Fe4 Ni Aluminum Bronze




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