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Bronze Grounding Clamps lay in
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Bronze Grounding Clamps Lay In


Category: Bronze grouding connectors

Product: Bronze grounding pipe clamps with lay in bronze grounding pipe clamps

1/2" to 1" ground clamps with lay in lugs are used to ground bare copper or aluminum wires to water pipes, ground rods, rebar or other structural members that will ensure positive grounding to the earth. These Bronze grounding clamps pipe clamps may be used on pipe sizes 1/2” to 1” and are made to accommodate bare cable. For connecting grounding conductor to water pipe, copper tube, ground rod or rebar. The open face design allows for fast lay-in of the tap conductor without the need for cutting. Our unique labor saving design allows the upper portion of clamps to slide open easily and, attach to structural pipes and rebar without needing to remove the screws. The rotational movement of the clamps allows a quick removal if necessary. Their cast bronze construction assures ground path continuity and provides excellent corrosion protection in damp locations. 

Miminium cable wire size: #10

Maximum cable Wire size: #2

Ground cable type: Bare Copper Wire


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