+ + CDA C92800 Leaded Tin Bronze
CDA C92800 Leaded Tin Bronze

C92800 Leaded Tin Bronze

  • Bronze C92800: Leaded Tin Bronze
  • Solids: 1/2" to 13" OD
  • Tubes: 1" to 16" OD
  • Rectangles: Up to 20"
  • Standard Lengths: 144"

Similar or Equivalent Specification

CDAASTMASARCONSAEAMSFederalIngot#MilitaryOther Desc
C92800 ASTM B505     AMS 7320   295   RING METAL

Chemical Composition (according to ASTM B505-08)

Note: Single values represent maximums.
  • A In determining copper minimum, copper may be calculated as copper plus nickel.
78.00-82.00 15.00-17.00 4.00-6.00 0.80 0.20 0.80A 0.25 1.5 0.05 0.005 N/A 0.005

Mechanical Properties (according to ASTM B505-08)

Tensile Strength (min)Yield Strength (at .5% extention under load min)Elongation (in 2in. or 50mm min, %)Brinell Hardness (min)Remarks
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Rockwell "B" 72-82  


C92800 70 0.317

Physical Properties (provided by CDA)

 US CustomaryMetric
Melting Point - Liquidus 1751 F 955 C
Melting Point - Solidus 1505 F 818 C
Specific Heat Capacity 0.090 Btu/lb/°F at 68 F 377.1 J/kg · °K at 293 K
Modulas of Elasticity in Tension 16000 ksi 110000 MPa

Fabrication Properties (provided by CDA)

Joining TechniqueSuitability
Soldering Excellent
Brazing Good
Oxyacetylene Welding Not Recommended
Gas Shielded Arc Welding Not Recommended
Coated Metal Arc Welding Not Recommended

Thermal Properties (provided by CDA)

TreatmentTemp./Time - USTemp./Time - SI
Stress Temperature 500 260
Solution Minimum    
Solution Maximum    
Solution Time 0.0
Solution Medium None
Precipitation Value    
Precipitation Time    
Precipitation Medium None
Annealing Minimum    
Annealing Maximum    
Annealing Time  
Hot Works Minimum    
Hot Works Maximum