+ + Bronze UNS C84400 Alloy Copper Alloy C84400 Casting alloy 844 CDA 844 Copper
Bronze UNS C84400 Alloy Copper Alloy CDA 844

Conex bronze is a leading casting foundry casting UNS C84400 bronze Alloys C 844 Copper alloys offering sand casting Lost wax casting shell molding etc at our Bronze  foundry in jamnagar india


Bronze UNS C84400 or CDA 844 Copper Alloy Standard is widely used due to its high resistance to force. It offers excellent machinability. Because of its resistance to tension, it is highly recommended for light-duty applications and is used in the manufacture of row locks, stoppers and caps.


Bronze UNS C84400 Alloy usage 

  • BronzeFittings
  • Bronze Electrical connectors electrical accessories
  • BronzeBoat parts
  • Plumbing fittings of Bronze accessories
  • Water valves
  • Bronze Bushiungs Threaded bushes Bronze
  • Caps

Chemical Composition of Bronze UNS C84400


Materials   Percentage
79% - 82%
2% - 4%
6% - 8%
7% - 10%
0% - 1%
0% - 1%