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Gunmetal casting LG2 Alloys
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Gunmetal Casting LG2 Alloys

Gunmetal,  AKA  red brass is a type of Bronze – an alloy of Copper, Tin, and Zinc.  ASTM B62 (or UNS C83600) alloy is a leaded red brass copper casting (gunmetal) alloy. Gunmetal alloys are useful for many applications because of their combination of high strength in tension and compression, hardness, ductility and high resistance to impact. It has very good castability and this allows for consistent thin sections which makes the alloy also suitable for intricate parts. This gunmetal also has very good thermal and electrical conductivity. Machinability of B62 is also excellent as the high lead content gives fine turnings with a light cutting load and very good machining characteristics. 


Gunmetal casts and machines well and is resistant to corrosion from steam and salt water, and is used to make steam and hydraulic castings, turned parts, Bushings, Plugs, Threaded connectors, Tank Connectors, Water tank DZR Brass fittings, valves, pump parts  and gears, and also statues and various small objects, e.g. buttons. A material with excellent machining characteristics, good casting qualities and moderate strength. Particularly suitable where pressure tightness is required. It has a tensile strength of 221 to 310 MPa, a specific gravity of 8.7, a density 8,719 kg/m3, and a Brinell hardness of 65 to 74.Main alloys used in Gunmetal castings are -LG2, LG3, LG4, PB, LPB, HTB.



Chemical Composition  of LG2 Gunmetal

Copper (Cu) 84 – 86% 
Tin (Sn) 4 – 6% 
Zinc (Zn) 4 – 6% 
Lead (Pb) 4 – 6% 
Phosphorus (P) 0.05% max 
Aluminium (Al) 0.005% max

Related Specifications:
AS 1565-1985 C83600
ASTM B505 & B271 836
SAE 40
UNS C83600

LG2 Leaded Gunmetal Bronze, offering excellent machinability, excellent wear resistance at normal lubrication, high resistance to seizure and good corrosion resistance. This grade is also known as “Red Brass”.

Typical Applications :
Pressure tight requirements, valve and pump bodies, pump impellers, fittings for gasoline and oil lines, bushings, general engineering applications etc.

We have state of the art foundry in Jamnagar India casting Lg2 Gunmetal alloy of Copper and also CNC machines to offer machined Bronze and Gunmetal castings, connectors, bushes, pump impellers, valve bodies, Pipe clamps, grounding clamps, earthing accessories, couplings, electrical accessories, Bronze threaded fittings, Gunmetal couplings, hose fittings,  pipe fittings, Elbows, Tees, etc.

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